Monday, April 28, 2008


Cole is doing great. His MRI came back fine, still has enlarged ventricles but nothing to be worried about. Been given the OK to return in 2 years rather than one.
Cole is currently being tested at school to see what his areas of weakness and strength are, to see if and what he will qualify for in special ed. So far his teacher has told me that he is behind in some areas and well above average in other areas. He will still qualify for special ed and speech therapy when he turns 3. Still waiting to find out all of the results and will have all the results at his IEP meeting sometime in May. Not sure about occupational therapy, he should qualify.
School is going good for me, have had 2 tests so far and have done well. A's on both.
Trying to figure out a school plan for me so I can get this education done and get a nice paying career underway.
Otherwise, everything is going well here.
D, C, and C